Razer Salmosa Gaming Mouse Features World’s Fastest Tracking Optical Sensor

Razer Salmosa Gaming Mouse Features World’s Fastest Tracking Optical Sensor

Rzr_Salmosa.jpgI have no idea what a Salmosa is – it kind of sounds like a type of fried triangle of pastry with salmon through it, if you ask me – but Razer have given that moniker to their latest lightweight gaming mouse.

Inside the entry-level mouse is a 1800dpi IR sensor, which apparently allows for movement speeds up to 2.25 times quicker than traditional mice. Which it would want to be, really, for $80. Because it’s so light and fluffy, Razer openly admit that it’s best suited to fingertip gamers, or the type of people who enjoy playing RTS games.

It’ll be available from JB Hifi and Harvey Norman stores across the country within the next week or so, if it hasn’t hit shelves already.

October 2008
Melbourne Australia

Razer, a leading manufacturer of high-end precision gaming and lifestyle electronics peripherals, has today launched the Razer Salmosa™ in Australia, the brand’s first entry level gaming mouse.

The Salmosa is the quickest entry level gaming-grade mouse armed with the fastest tracking optical sensor in the world. Designed to be one of the lightest and most compact mice of its class, it is the ideal mouse of choice for finger-tip grip gamers who seek both speed and control.

The mouse boasts a 1800dpi 3G Infrared Sensor, enabling movement speeds of up to 2.25 times faster than other regular gaming mice. The mouse also features one of the lightest and most compact form factors in its class, delivering optimum freedom of movement for finger-tip grip gamers.

Robert “Razerguy” Krakoff, president of Razer, comments “Our goal was to create an affordable, introductory gaming-grade mouse. Tailored to the needs of gamers that require speed and precision, the Razer Salmosa is the perfect introductory mouse for gamers that require a light and agile mouse… [or]have yet to experience the difference a gaming-grade mouse from Razer can offer to their game .”

Razer will be showcasing the Salmosa at the upcoming Call of Duty: World at War launch at Swinburne University Melbourne, 8th November 2008. Audion Innovision is the exclusive distributor of the Razer Salmosa mouse in Australia. Available late October from JB Hi-Fi, the Salmosa retails at $79.95.