Radioshack Offers Gift Cards for Old, Broken Gadgets

Similar to offers we've seen from companies like Costco, the RadioShack Online Trade-In Program will swap your old gadgets cards. You search their database for your gadget and offer the best quality assessment that you can, and they provide a mail-in sticker that you print. If all goes well, they'll send you a gift card 10-14 days after the unit is received. But remember, that's only if all goes well. So assuming worst case scenario, what are your totally broken gadgets worth?

3G iPod (10GB)

1st Gen Zune

Palm Treo 650

Xbox 360 Premium

DS Lite


PlayStation 3 (60GB)

Needless to say, if you've trashed all of your electronics, you may be able to unload them and score a few bucks in the process. [RadioShack]

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