Racing Games Zoom Faster In the JDome 180-Degree Vision System

Svenska inventor John Nilsson has sent us a cool new demo video of the JDome, his patented 180-degree surround display. I've to admit that I wasn't convinced by his first-person shooter demo, but I'm absolutely sold on it after watching him playing STCC, a car racing simulation set in Sweden. And no, I'm not sold on it because any hot Swedish girl (NSFW) in the game. It's just that the JDome gives a dramatically engulfing experience which seems to be perfect for car racing.

The JDome is a a vertical screen that works with a projector to give a 180-degree view. For the racing game, the JDome gets lowered to the floor and then tilted 45 degrees. The game's field of view has to be changed to fit the spherical shape of the JDome, which is what gives you the surround experience that you can see in the video. However, as cool as it is, I'm not sure if it's worth the $US4,000 that a prototype costs. [JDome]

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