Question of the Day: Do You Ever Turn Off Your Mobile Phone?

A recent survey taken by Nokia claimed that 53% of Americans have taken business calls in the bathroom. Of those surveyed, 60% never shut off their mobile devices. To be honest, I would have thought that second figure would be higher—but all-in-all the results of this survey are no surprise. Most of us feel the need to be constantly connected. We take our phones with us everywhere, ready to go at a moments notice. So, I am curious: do you ever turn off your mobile phone?

Do You Ever Turn Off Your Cellphone?
( surveys)

Results from: "Do You Ever Read the Instruction Manual?"

Yes: 19%
Yes, but only when I am dealing with something complicated: 19%
Yes, but only when I get stuck: 44%
No: 16%
Other: 2%



    I turn my phone off when i don't need it - movies, meetings, bedtime etc. It seems mobile phones (cellphones) have become more important to us than just relaxing or having a good time with friends. As soon as it rings we answer it, even in the middle of conversations with other people it rings we answer sometime even without excussing ourselves from our current face to face conversation. I am sure you have all expereinced this at some time. Oh the joy of technology..still I'd rather have it than not.

    My phone has the 'miraculous' ability to turn off without my intervention (piece of crap!). But seriously, I sometimes turn it off before bed (no one, i repeat NO ONE is permitted to disturb my sleep) and I put it into "offline mode" during church.

    Sometimes I turn my phone of during the day, I need my time, time to myself. I find now that with the technology we have everything is so fast paced and instant. I simply dont like being so accessable ... they will ring back if its important.

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