Question of the Day: Do You Ever Turn Off Your Mobile Phone?

A recent survey taken by Nokia claimed that 53% of Americans have taken business calls in the bathroom. Of those surveyed, 60% never shut off their mobile devices. To be honest, I would have thought that second figure would be higher—but all-in-all the results of this survey are no surprise. Most of us feel the need to be constantly connected. We take our phones with us everywhere, ready to go at a moments notice. So, I am curious: do you ever turn off your mobile phone?

Do You Ever Turn Off Your Cellphone?
( surveys)

Results from: "Do You Ever Read the Instruction Manual?"

Yes: 19%
Yes, but only when I am dealing with something complicated: 19%
Yes, but only when I get stuck: 44%
No: 16%
Other: 2%

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