Preoder the Linux Evo Smart Console, Toss the 360/PS3/Wii

More than one major software developer has argued on behalf of a one console future, a way that they could make games for a single system and maybe even circumvent royalty rates paid to Sony or Nintendo to take part on their platforms. Well here it is, whiners. Go ahead and make games to your heart's content. The Evo Smart Console is essentially a Linux based PC loaded with an AMD 64x2 processor, ATI Radeon 3200 graphics and 2GB of RAM, but it hopes to offer cloud storage and social networking through its included Evo Network.

Priced at $US600, the Linux Evo Smart Console can be yours for $US250 if you're willing to sign up for some subscriptions. And if you put down some money now, one of these beauts can be yours on November 20th when it's released. As for all the awesome games...uhh...they're on the way. Really. (OK, to be fair, they've got Hexen II Hammer of Thyrion teased on their homepage.) [Envisions via The Gadget Site]

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