Playing Baseball with Rocket Launchers and Tanks on Japanese TV

You've gotta love Japanese television. Two nights ago, the show NTV showed the results of an experiment it attempted involving baseball, tanks and rocket launchers. I don't speak Japanese, so I don't know what their scientific justifications were for the experiments, but I do know the results, thanks to the below videos captured by Japan Probe: sheer lunacy.

The crew trekked down to Cambodia to use the military's equipment. At first, the Cambodian military didn't want to use a tank, so instead they taped a baseball to a rocket. This, obviously, didn't show how well the baseball would travel at such speeds, as it just blew everything up, as you can see above.

Then, after changing their minds, the Cambodians allowed a baseball to be loaded into one of their tanks using some super-secret method that was blurred out like the undergroomed nether regions of a Japanese porn star. This was much more successful, with the tank launching a baseball at about 327kph. The aiming, however, could have been better.

So simple, so ridiculous, so satisfying. Thanks, Japan! [Japan Probe]

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