Pixels for Pistols Trades Guns for Digital Cameras

Pixels for Pistols is a Toronto-based effort by the Henry's camera chain allowing anyone to trade in a gun, no questions asked, for a Nikon Coolpix S52 or Coolpix P60 camera. That's it. You give a gun and get a camera in an effort to get rid of unused guns that could be stolen and misused for crime. Lasting for four weeks, the venture has been so successful that gun owners across Ontario have been calling in to donate, despite not being eligible since they aren't local. And hose folks have come up with some quirky solutions of their own. From The Star:

Among the callers was John Hope, who keeps a trigger lock on the 9-mm Beretta stowed in his Bracebridge home. He says he's eager to give up the gun so it doesn't land in the wrong hands - a criminal or suicidal teenager, say. Since he can't trade it for a camera, he now plans to throw it into the middle of a lake.

"There's no way someone's going to go down 200 feet to get a gun he doesn't know is there," he said.

Smart thinking.

It's a really great promotion, even though most people who own a gun can probably already acquire a digital camera for free...[The Star via UberReview]

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