Penguins Flying in Military Planes from Brazil's Beaches to the South Atlantic

Get ready to fight to the death for this one, Disney, Pixar, and Dreamworks: More than a thousand penguins have suddenly appeared on the beaches of Brazil. The scientists can't explain why this is happening. Some say they are somehow confused. Knowing the views in Brazil's beaches, I personally think they are not confused at all. Brazilian National Institute for Space Research climatologist Jose Marengo thinks the penguins—who are being airlifted back to its origin by the air force—got lost because of changes in the ocean circulation in the South Atlantic:

Clearly we've been seeing changes in the ocean circulation in the Southern Hemisphere. The question for the future, and we don't have an answer yet, is how is that going to shift against the backdrop of climate change?

The story here, however, is that the Brazilian Air Force is going to be flying the penguins back to South Atlantic, possibly in freezing chambers onboard cargo airplanes. Oh yes, and they are so cute that I'm about to have a diabetes arrest.

[Daily Mail]

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