PainShield MD Cures Your Booboos With Ultrasound

If you've ever been afraid that you've already popped one too many advils, but the pain still hasn't gone away, an Israeli medical company is offering a less medicated version of relief in the form of ultrasound. NanoVibronix' PainShield MD, which just received FDA clearance to be marketed in the U.S., uses therapeutic ultrasound waves to treat pain and encourage soft tissue healing.

The PainShield, which works by emitting ultrasonic waves through a disposable patch placed on the patient's skin, is one of the first pocket-sized versions of ultrasound emitters and its backers are hoping that patients will pick it up because it's portable and easy to use. Though ultrasound therapy sounds a little hippy-dippy, apparently it's been around for decades and can be highly effective for certain types of sprains and aches. No price yet, but it should be coming to doctors offices near you soon. [NanoVibronix]

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