OpenMoko GTA02 Handset Rumoured to Join the Android Party

OpenMoko, stalwarts of the open source gadget movement, have announced their intentions to develop an Android-compatible handset for release as early as november. According to AndroidGuys, the alleged Android phone will operate under the project name "GTA02" and resemble something like the Neo FreeRunner. The phone is said to have a 2.8-inch, 640x480 screen, Wi-Fi, 3 axis accelerometer, 400-500 MHz processor, 128 MB RAM, 256 MB NAND Flash, A-GPS and a "laser pen."

Further specifics on price, release date and features are scarce, but it will be interesting to see what happens when an open source hardware maker joins forces with an open source software maker in the mobile phone arena. [Android Guys via Electronista]

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