One Person Rocketship is Like a Cruel Form of Punishment

How's this for a nightmare scenario: you're crammed into a rocket the size of a closet, only large enough for you to stand up in. The top is a clear dome so you can see out, but it's too small for you to bend your legs, let alone walk around in. You are then launched into space. Aaauuughghghghhh!

This is the brilliant idea of the Danish group Copenhagen Suborbitals.

We are currently developing a series of suborbital space vehicles - designed to pave the way for manned space flight on a micro size spacecraft.

Two rocket vehicles are under development. A small unmanned sounding rocket, named Hybrid Atmospheric Test Vehicle or HATV and a larger booster rocket named Hybrid Exo Atmospheric Transporter or HEAT, designed to carry a micro spacecraft into a suborbital trajectory in space.

The mission has a 100% peaceful purpose and is not in any way involved in carrying explosive, nuclear, biological and chemical payloads.

We intend to share all our techninal information as much as possible, within the laws of EU-export control.

Maybe (maybe) this would be bearable if it was just a way to transport you to a space colony of some sort, but for any serious amount of time this would turn into the futuristic version of being buried alive. I can't imagine any sane person would sign up to get into one of these things.

What do you think, would you hop in one of these if it was your only chance to go into space? [Copenhagen Suborbitals via Boing Boing]

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