Oncore 6-Bay MacBook and iBook Charger Lightning Review

The Gadget: Oncore's 6-Bay Macbook or iBook battery charger that really only charges three batteries at one time because it's a cluster of charging bays and not six individual chargers. Once the first battery in a single charging bay is full it will switch charging to the other battery which allows for six batteries to be fully charged over time.

The Price: $US389 MacBook Model / $US409 iBook Model - which doesn't include any batteries

The Verdict: My first impression is that this charging bay seems cheaply made especially with the $US400 price tag. The bay is basically a hollow plastic box with battery ports indented on the top. The ports aren't even that deep so for Macbook batteries that stand about 9" tall they stand rather unsecured.

Then there is the issue of how it can only charge three batteries at one time and not six like you would think. At first this is kinda stupid but in reality it's OK. The way Oncore has managed to send power to each charging bay set is good for the batteries and your electricity bill because once all batteries are charged it will shut off charging so the batteries aren't constantly charging and the power isn't always running.

Overall Oncore's 6-bay battery charger is actually a pretty good charging bay for MacBook or iBook batteries, and it will successfully charge six different batteries like it advertises. The type of person who would actually need six different batteries all ready to go at any given time is kinda slim. I can only see it being usefully for a business or family of frequent travelers who require more than one battery on each job or trip. So for those who are just looking for an extra battery charger there are cheaper alternatives that should do the job just as well. [Oncore]

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