Notes: Almost Meeting Brando

To: Jason
From: Brian
Subject: Brando, King of Weird Gadgets
I can't believe I'm home, after being away for a month on that working trip. And yes, I am back in your hair. I've got some stories to tell, some gadgety, some not, but I only have one regret. On a side trip to HK to see my family, I tried to find the time to meet Brando, of weird gadgets fame, but we couldn't connect. I kept moving the time, and then he had to cancel and then he tried to undo the cancel, but it was too late. Maybe next time, but until then, I'm going to wonder what that guy is like in person. At least Elaine Chow and I got to finally meet and eat some noodles.

The site looks nice, and it's great to be around again during the day to cover you while you go get lunch, etc. But it is a lot harder to dig into the long term work while the news is buzzing about. Here are my favourite stories you and the gang found today:

Motorola's Aura Luxury Phone Given First Groping, General Thumbs-Up
iPhone 3G Baseband Break-In, Unlock Closer

*with regards and thanks to Crecente and Ashcraft for letting me lift their night notes format.

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