New PlayStation 3 Terms of Service: Sony Can Record Anything You Say or Do Online

You know, I spew a massive amount of trashtalk when online. I can't help it. It just flows out, like oral diarrhea or something. So Sony's new PS3 terms of service for the PlayStation network is kind of frightening. I mean, I'm sure you've said some regrettable things to the snotty 12-year-old bastards running around online nowadays too. Or maybe you'd like to talk about the ROMs running on your PSP. Also not a good idea with Sony's LittleBigBrother plan to record everything you say or do online:

SCEA reserves the right to monitor and record any online activity and communication throughout PSN and you give SCEA your express consent to monitor and record your activities. SCEA reserves the right to remove any content and communication from PSN at SCEA's sole discretion without further notice to you. Any data collected in this way, including the content of your communications, the time and location of your activities, your Online ID and IP address and other related information may be used by us to enforce this Agreement or protect the interests of SCEA, its users, or licensors.

There's also just the whole principle of the thing: I know they need to fight griefers, racists, pedos and assorted other nasties, but there isn't a better way than actually recording me telling people I'm going to slay them so hard it'll kill their grandchildren in their future? And do they really need to "protect" their properties this way?

To make this depressing bit of corporate creepiness bright, what's the worst thing you've ever yelled in an online deathmatch? (Keep it work-safe, please). [Ars via Alley Insider]

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