My Mobile Witness Ensures This Picture Message May Be Used Against You in a Court Of Law

"Counsel, may I present Exhibit 112-B—a blurry mobile phone picture of my client clearly under verbal harassment, with the caption "Soooo drunkkk xxx :(" attached, clearly sent on the bachelor party evening in question." If you find yourself winning (or losing) a future lawsuit with a similar piece of incriminating evidence, you'll have My Mobile Witness to thank—a new, free service that receives SMS or MMS messages from your phone and stores them in a time-stamped "vault," with the sole purpose of one day using them as official evidence in a future legal matter.

The service was created by two (overly?) careful real estate firm owners in Pittsburg who demanded their agents take pictures of all clients they meet for future legal protection. Once your message is in their hands, it cannot be erased or retrieved, and can only be accessed with a subpoena or a court order. I'm no lawyer, but instead of being a legal safeguard service, isn't what we have here basically a great way to blackmail via text? Video support is coming soon. [My Mobile Witness via AP]

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