Motion Detector Turns on Blender, Strobe Light When Cat Nears with Hilarious Results

Do you have a cat who loves to jump on your kitchen counter and eat your plant? If so, you have a couple of solutions. You could do something mild, like putting double-sided tape on the counters to deter it. Or, if you're more adventurous, you could set up a motion detector that's set to turn on a strobe light and a blender when your cat makes the jump, scaring the crap out of it until it learns its lesson. Guess which one we have videos of after the jump?

Yes, this guy actually did that, at a cost of $US214 to himself. However, I think the videos are obviously worth the expense and effort. I only wish they had sound. He's still running the thing, and he says he'll keep posting videos as he makes them until the cat either learns its lesson or has a heart attack and dies. [Blender Defender]

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