Moshi's Washable Neato Screen Cleaner Uses Microfibre To Wipe Dust, Spittle and Other Fluids

One of the computer accessories we're always looking for is a good screen cleaner, which is why Moshi's Neato is pretty great. It's a two-part microfiber screen cleaner, with one part wiping dust and one part wiping grease and fingerprints. The back of the cleaner is a material they call "GeckoPad", which is based on a gecko's foot and can stick to the side of your desk, your monitor or your face for easy storage.

We tried these out on our quite dusty laptop screen and it did a better job than the 3M screen we get at trade shows. It's $US16, but comes with one extra cleaner. Our quick verdict? It works, it's compact, and it isn't all that expensive, plus the material is machine washable so you won't have to get your hands all that dirty. [Aevoe via Product Page]

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