More Details on Motorola's Android Phone: It'll Be Better, Cheaper than G1

Details have been dribbling out about Motorola's upcoming Android cellphone—we already knew it was going to be social-networky—but Businessweek has quizzed Moto and garnered a few more juicy facts. Firstly it'll have a an "iPhone-like touchscreen," which is no big surprise, and it'lll have a slide-out QWERTY like the G1. But, most interestingly, it'll be specced a little higher than the G1 and will come at a lower price point.

In fact it'll apparently come at a price similar to the Krave (which it may also steal some design cues from) which currently is going for around $US150 on a two-year contract. There's no more info available yet, but since Motorola has been touting spec sheets and images of the phone to mobile phone carriers around the world, and speculation on a release date is centered at the second quarter of 2009 we might well expect to learn more soon. [Businessweek via BBG]

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