MobiHand Launching Android App Store, Colours Us Confused

Coinciding with the launch of the G1, mobile app seller MobiHand is putting up its own store dedicated specifically to Android apps, called The company is touting it as the first store supporting both free and paid applications for the Android OS, which is a little funny considering that Google's widely rumoured to be coming out with its own payment system AND at least one other third-party store's already been announced.

Both Mobihand and Handango are totally allowed to open their own third-party Android app stores, thanks to the "don't worry, you don't need to jailbreak anything," position Google's taken. But you have to wonder if having a whole bunch of application outlets isn't a tad bit confusing. What does it mean to have so many parallel marketplaces? Will certain stores sell specific apps for cheaper? Can you bargain? With the minutes counting down to the G1 launch, it would be nice if we at least knew how buying things on the Android was going to work.

MobiHand launches the first dedicated Android app store -
New App Store launch coincides with release of the T-mobile G1 Android-powered smartphone.
San Mateo, CA. — October 21, 2008 — MobiHand, Inc., a leading provider of mobile content and application stores, today announced that it has launched, the first store supporting both free and paid applications for Android-powered smartphones.

With OnlyAndroid, developers can sign up, list their applications, and start selling within hours. Applications that are entered in the MobiHand catalog will appear in the new dedicated OnlyAndroid store (at, in the MobiHand store (at, and within all multi-platform co-branded stores in the MobiHand Network.

OnlyAndroid allows developers to sell their products for a one-time fee or as subscriptions with automated re-billing. The OnlyAndroid store is available both on the desktop and on-device with both versions supporting over-the-air delivery of product files direct to the device for easy installation. Developers can also choose to provide free trial versions of their applications within the store.

The on-device store allows users to easily and quickly browse and search applications that are compatible with their specific phone, viewing by best-sellers, new, updated, free, and discounted categories. Once users have registered, they can purchase applications with a single click and have them delivered over-the-air within seconds. Users can install the OnlyAndroid on-device store by visiting

"Unlike the closed Apple iPhone platform, Android has been positioned as an open environment. Forcing developers to sell, and consumers to buy, apps from a single, tightly-controlled store is unhealthy for the mobile economy," said Steve Howard, President and CEO of MobiHand. "There is no reason for a developer to work hard creating a great app and to then have it arbitrarily blocked from the consumer. Developers should be free to achieve maximum reach and sales through the most effective channels. We welcome all quality Android applications and we expect to rapidly grow our catalog for Android as we have on all the other smartphone platforms".

Applications appearing in the launch of the store include "Freecell" from Odesys (game), "Par 72 Golf II" from RESETgame (game), "GoogHelper for Android" from iambic (search utility), "Business Professional Ringtones" from ExecTones (ringtones), and "FotMob" from ScoreService (sports scores).

About MobiHand

MobiHand, Inc. is a leading distributor of software and content for a wide range of mobile devices, including BlackBerryÒ, Windows MobileÒ, PalmÒ, SymbianÒ, and AndroidÒ. With a catalog of over 10,000 mobile applications, media products, and subscription services from over 600 content providers, MobiHand powers hundreds of co-branded app stores worldwide. The company delivers end-to-end services for the aggregation, marketing, purchasing, and provisioning of mobile content. MobiHand's best-in-class management platform, MobiReach, provides comprehensive tools for catalog management, localisation, store design and administration, marketing and ad campaigns, and reporting. The company is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area. For more information about MobiHand, please visit

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