Mitsubishi LaserVue vs. Pioneer Kuro Plasma: The High-End Throwdown

The dudes over at The Tech Lounge sat down for a real-world—not canned—comparison of Mitsubishi's cutting-edge, 65-inch LaserVue HDTV with the current reigning champ, Pioneer's 60-inch Kuro plasma set. Does Mitsubishi's fancy new tech really make for a better high-def experience? The tests show, at the very least, that the LaserVue can certainly hold its own against maybe the best HDTV in the world: "You're not going to find a set that is capable of displaying colours quite like this one."

The Kuro still held strong with its deep, bottomless blacks, but the LaserVue is noticeably better on colours, especially reds. The LaserVue is also better able to handle scenes with tonness of motion than the Kuro, especially during action scenes in Iron Man. You can see above that the Kuro, on the right, makes the red of Iron Man's suit look too simple, while the LaserVue on the left has all the dirt and scars of a real battle. Below, the LaserVue's reds really pop, able to show the difference between the hues in the woman's top and skirt much more clearly than the Kuro—which is even from Pioneer's demo disc.

We've seen the LaserVue reviewed before, but only while using Mitsubishi's hand-picked content, which doesn't necessarily make for the most accurate test. Kurtis and Cameron at The Tech Lounge got themselves a Panasonic DMP-BD30K Blu-Ray player and a copy of both Ice Age: Meltdown and Iron Man to test out colour, clarity, and motion on the "normal" settings of both HDTVs. They came away impressed with the colour, but not with the hefty $US7000 price tag. Still, if you can afford it, and you don't mind its fatty rear-projection girth, the LaserVue is definitely the cream of the crop. [Tech Lounge]

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