Mimo 7-Inch USB Displays Make Your Desktop Look Like a Battleoid Cockpit

These 7-inch Mimo monitors from Korean manufacturer Nanovision look like the perfect mini-displays to set up widgets, chat windows, and other software that doesn't require too much real state—perfect to make your awesome computer rig even more awesome. The good: They only require a USB 2.0 port. The better: As you can see in the gallery, they can rotate and one model is a touchscreen. The best: they are really cheap. And the bad? Sadly, they are Korea-only for now.

The basic model is the UM-710, which goes for just $US78. The UM-750 adds a touchscreen, a built-in webcam, and a DMB television tuner for only $US147. We want. [Funshop KoreaTechnabob]

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