Microsoft: Today Is Global Do Not Talk, Think or Steal Like a Pirate Day

Are you at work? Really? Didn't you know today was a holiday? Yep, in Redmond at least, it's Global Anti-Piracy Day. To celebrate, there will be simultaneous "legal actions, education efforts and customer reactions announced across 49 countries." Microsoft has actually picked a pretty great way to fight pirates: If there's one thing they hate besides ninjas, it's the law and schoolin'.

They've got a fancy interactive map where you can check out who's just gotten their front door kicked in by local authorities working with Microsoft, and where little kids are learning for the first time that downloading Windows activation keys off the internet is wrong, like murdering unicorns. Just think, by tomorrow, there won't be anymore pirates. It's like the end of Pirates of the Caribbean or something, but you know, Pirates of Their Parent's Basement edition. [Microsoft via Neonwin]

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