MedEx1000 Packs All Your Intensive Care Needs Into a Suitcase

The MedEx 1000, which just won approval by the FDA is a godsend for those of us who are doctors without borders, military medics or just really paranoid hypochondriacs. Dubbed the "ICU in a Suitcase," this 18kg machine fits in the trunk of your car and packs an electrocardiogram, blood pressure and oxygen monitoring, a ventilator, low and high rate infusion pumps with a fluid warmer and much, much more. Anyone want to play doctor?

Besides all the physiological monitoring tools, the MedEx 1000 also has a data storage and transmission system, a control-and-display unit, hot-swappable batteries, ethernet connectivity and the ability to connect to other devices. Initial deliveries are coming the first quarter of 2009. Prices weren't immediately available, but I'm assuming it'll be pretty cost prohibitive for anyone who wants one "just in case." [LStat via Oh Gizmo]

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