McDonalds Rolling Out Free Wi-Fi Across The Country

Mcdonalds Wi-Fi.gifI haven't eaten at McDonalds since July 2001. Let's just say a Quarter Pounder meal didn't agree with me for a few days. And while I probably still wouldn't eat there, I might just start going into their "restaurants" to hang out like a 16 year old on school holidays (it's the place to be, apparently) so I can start using their new free Wi-Fi networks.

While a number of McDonalds "restaurants" have had free Wi-Fi supplied by Telstra for a while now, they're now planning on rolling out their own networks across a majority of their stores across the country. The rollout has already begun in NSW and the ACT, and will progress across the other states, with an expected completion date of late February 2009.

There's no fudging around with logins or any need to actually buy anything (phew!), but there is a 50MB data limit, so no bittorrent for you. Hopefully we'll see all the other fast food stores join McDonalds on the free Wi-Fi bandwagon.

[Free Wi-Fi - Thanks Nathan!]

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