LEDs May Really Be The Wondergadget: Now They Can Banish Wrinkles

Great Scott! It looks like the ubiquitous LED may be becoming even more of a wondergadget, since a group of German researchers are saying light from LEDs may actually be able to smooth away skin wrinkles. Their study, due for publication soon, showed that exposure to high-intensity light from LEDs daily for several weeks resulted in "rejuvenated skin," and "reduced wrinkle levels."

We're skipping the "juvenile complexion" part, since that brings back too many memories of teenage spottiness.

It sounds almost too good to be true, yet the team believes they've cracked the medical reasoning behind the technique: the light penetrates the skin layers and removes built-up water molecules which stop the elastin in your skin from being so flexible. Hence smoothed-out wrinkles. Don't go pointing your TV remote at your face though...the technique needs visible light. [Physorg]

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