LED Rubiks Cube is Unnecessary Digitisation of a Classic

So I can totally see the point of the new Mirror Rubiks cube, since it's a harder, weirder, even more tactile version of the classic...but this LED Magic Cube 2.0 version just leaves me scratching my head. Why make a physical digital pushbutton version of an absolute classic puzzle?

Part of the joy of the original was that you could twist and turn it with your fingers, and then heartily fling it out of the window when your frustration levels got too high, and still most likely fish it largely intact from your yard when you wanted to play it again. You can of course do that with this version, but I suspect its myriad of buttons (required to let you twizzle each virtual "segment" around) wouldn't survive the impact.

You can at least play a couple of other digital games on this: a kind of Russian roulette minehunter for multiple players, a tic-tac-toe game and what could turn out to be a pretty difficult Simon-like game. But in general—nah. Some classics should be left undigitised. [RandomGoodStuff]

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