Last Minute MacBook Rumours: Entire Glass Trackpad Is a Button, Pro Has TWO Graphics Cards, and More

John Gruber, who foretold the Oct. 14 event many moons ago, has just dropped what appears to be the motherload of what'll be announced. Besides confirming the spy shot, he confirms what I thought when I saw there wasn't a separate mouse button—the entire trackpad (which is glass, as was rumoured) is a button, kind of like the BlackBerry Storm's screen. You just push it down, it clicks.

Two bits on the Pro side: There isn't a new 17-inch model. Whether it'll show up later (like the original 17-inch MacBook Pro) or will fade into history is unknown, but the current one will hang around for a bit. The biggie, though, is that the Pro has TWO graphics cards—a GeForce 9400M and a 9600M GT. It'll use the 9400M when it needs to conserve battery juice, and kick on the 9600M when it needs raw power. CPU is going to be about the same. Oh, and it's go glossy or go home, there is no matte option.

For the new MacBooks, they'll look just like 13-inch Pros, but they'll cost ya on that level too: The cheapest aluminium MacBook will be $US1299, come with a 2GHz processor, 2GB RAM and 160GB HDD. Yeah, that CPU is a bit slower than the old one, but supposedly the GeForce 9400M inside will make up for it. The white MacBook will stick around, and drop to $US999 for the base model.

And for the Airs, more storage, 120GB HDD and 128GB SSD. Woohoo. Of course, we'll find out soon, as we bring to you live. [Daring Fireball]

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