Kideo Lets You Stick Your A Child’s Face Into A Spider-Man Cartoon

Kideo Lets You Stick <strike>Your</strike> A Child’s Face Into A Spider-Man Cartoon

Kideos.jpgDon’t let that picture of a cute little kid up there fool you – Kideos can be used for adults too. There’s nothing in the terms and conditions that says you have to upload a child’s photo to the Kideo website to get a 26-minute Spider-Man cartoon featuring their face and name as the web-slinging hero. For 40 bucks, you can become Spider-Man – that sounds like a bargain to me.

Although, you may want to stick with a child’s pic for the Dora the Explorer, Barney and Gregory Gopher videos – using your own mugshot there would just be creepy and wrong.

[KideoThanks Amber!]