KDDI Mobile Phone Concepts from the Space Age

Japan mobile phone carrier KDDI has a knack for turning out handsets that belong in museums. Past hit designs like the INFOBAR, talby, neon and MEDIA SKIN made into the permanent collection at the MoMa in New York. The trendy telecom showed off some of its concepts at CEATEC outside Tokyo, showcasing the talents of Hideo Kambara, a designer from Hiroshima who also made into the MoMa with his Kadokeshi eraser that has 28 corners. Kambara's PLY phones are inspired by songs, novels, numbers and symbols. PLY means "lamination layers," according to KDDI, and the whimsical handsets in the series include concepts like a mobile projector, a printer, a game controller, tissue dispenser, and a mint tablet dispenser. The other concept phones from KDDI include models resembling jewel boxes and satellites, and are apparently equipped with mini solar panels. Just in case civilization fails, there's always the sun.

There are more cool KDDI phone concepts in collaboration with Yamaha here (in Japanese; click on middle pic under Special Event, then the origami-like musical instrument phone prototypes at the bottom, see also the movie clips - view by clicking black rectangle in the prototype screen - the mobile phone instruments are way cool) – Tim Hornyak

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