Internet Voting: It's Here (Kinda)

Voting from home, over the internet. That's the dream. It's when the vast majority of people will finally vote. Hell, even I might register to vote if you could online. But this year, fittingly in the election that the internet has mattered more than ever before, we're taking a solid (baby) step in that direction. Starting Friday, a pilot program will let about 700 U.S. citizens in Germany, Japan and the UK vote over the internet using hardened PCs.

Besides being ironically hard drive-less, they have most of the parts turned off for extra security. Even with essentially iron-clad dumb terminals, security remains a huge issue like it was when internet voting was considered in 2004, so we're still a couple of elections away from voting while pre-ordering our next Nintendo system just one tab over. But at least we're getting there. [Pop Mechanics via Dvice]

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