IDEO Sets Up Ridiculously Large, Continent-Spanning Rube Goldberg Device

Sure, we've seen a number of fun Rube Goldberg devices in our day, but none with the scale and ambition of this one made by IDEO. I mean, how can you argue with a statement like this:

Even Jon Kaplan, the IDEO veteran behind the effort, had moments of doubt. But more than that, he had moments of disbelief: How could someone actually come up with that!? How could someone actually engineer a pole-dancing doll to spin around in silver garland, knock down a Phillippe Starck juicer, trigger a Gaussian gun, and topple a Tickle-Me Elmo, plastic eyes first, onto a computer mouse that then prints a document in Shanghai? All told, there were about ten other machine-based vignettes that lasted almost 20 minutes and spanned day and night, thanks to the fifteen-hour time difference between offices.

[IDEO Labs]

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