How To Build a 3D Lego Halloween Pumpkin

How To Build a 3D Lego Halloween Pumpkin

While this Lego Halloween Pumpkin is not as spooky and macabre as the sectioned Lego minifig showing his skeleton and inner guts, it is a complete must in any geekabolous nerdy Halloween decorations. In fact, I would be building a whole bunch of this following these very simple instructions:

Is you are wondering where to get all these bright orange bricks for this 3D Lego Halloween Pumpkin you will need two of these Lego packs. [Lego-- Thanks LIndsay Joy]

Maybe Halloween or something horrific could be a good theme for your Go Miniman Go contest video. After all, there are minifig skeletons available. But whatever the video theme is, remember that it has to arrive precisely before the night of the living dead--which to me, it's almost every night, but to you is October 31st.

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