How the MacBooks Are Carved Out of Solid Aluminium

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Apple has confirmed their new way to make laptops in the new MacBook 2008 line-up. Previously, manufacturers—including Apple—would add layers to form a body, welding each of them to give the laptop rigidity. Now, they have changed the whole game: instead of adding pieces, they will eliminate matter from solid pieces of aluminium using lasers and other machinery to create the new MacBook bodies.

The whole thing starts with a solid block of aluminium. This goes through an extrusion machine, in which the block is flattened on a thick, continuous metal sheet, like giant aluminium tagliatelle, which then get cut into the blocks that make the base of the MacBooks.

These blocks go through a whopping 16 different milling operations, using all kinds of machinery including lasers, until the part is completely finished and ready to be sent to the assembly line.