House Bought On eBay For $US1.75

House Bought On eBay For $US1.75

ebay house.JPGThe current economic crisis in the US means that most people are tightening their purse-strings and trying to avoid the seemingly inevitable move towards bankruptcy. But really, that just means that there are some bargains out there for the rest of us!

Like this house in Michigan which sold for $US1.75. Sure, it has a whole heap of taxes on it, and the building is condemned, but that just adds to the allure of the bargain. From what I’ve read on the internet, the town it’s in sounds like it might be a bit of a hole, but that still doesn’t change the fact that this is a bargain.

Even with the taxes on the property, the whole thing cost the lucky buyer about $US1000. Take out a 30 year mortgage on that, and you’d be paying what? 20 cents a month? Not too shabby.

Now we just have to hope that someone in Australia will offer something similar. Preferably in QLD – I need a holiday house…