HookupMaps Should be Called HookerMaps or SerialKillerMaps (NSFW)

I never got into the whole love/sex personal ads thing, but for some reason, the people at HookupMaps think that putting them on a map will actually help people looking to urgently scratch that itch. HookupMaps mixes Google Maps and Craiglist to place the ads in the areas in which they are located, so you can easily search for dates in the places you want. Sounds quite creepy, but it may work. Or so I thought until I dug into it.

As you can see, HookupMaps lets you filter the ads by age, date, and gender with sexual orientation. There's men for women (with examples that go from the modest "I am looking for a woman to go out with once a week" to the most honest and usual "want to learn anal sex?" to the descriptive "Curvy, Busty, Kinky, Brunette?"), women for men ("marry me in two weeks" or "I need to pay the credit card, want to help me?"—which basically mean the same thing), men for men ("Looking for Muscular Asian Bottom Men"—don't answer that one, Jason "Asian Bottom Man" Chen), and women for women ("Erotic and exotic Beauty seeks bisexual beautiful woman for fun"—yes!).

After browsing for a few minutes, I think I'll stick to the classics, thank you very much. And yes, with classics I really mean internet porn. [Hookupmaps (NSFW) via CNET]

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