Hitachi DLNA Camcorder Concept Streams HD Video to TVs As It's Shot

Hitachi showed off a cool-looking camcorder concept at CEATEC this week, which adds a Wi-Fi module for streaming video from its hard drive or what's being shot live over WLAN to your TV. For recorded video it uses DLNA, which means it will work with any number of DLNA-compatible HDTVs or a PS3.

For live video, the camera runs its own IPTV server, which compresses the video down to H.264 in real time before sending it out to a compatible TV. The folks at Tech On are claiming this all goes down over 802.11g, though (and not n), so quality may not be the best. Cool capabilities to have built-in, though. And if anyone has a line on IDing the liquid-filled banana being filmed in that image, please share with the rest of us. [Tech On]

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