HipTop LX Coming To Telstra By The End Of The Year?

This news isn't official yet (and we all know what to make of rumours), but we've received word (in the form of a leaked memo to Telstra dealers) that Telstra will be phasing out the HipTop Slide around the end of November in anticipation for a late 2008/January 2009 launch of the Hiptop LX.

The new Hiptop model will be available in two colours: Blue and Brown, plus a limited edition Tony Hawk design.

The target is to have the LX in time for Christmas to maximise sales, which they'll be doing by offering a selection of revamped plans tailored for the LX (although exactly what they will be is a mystery).

It makes sense for Telstra to launch the new HipTop just before Christmas, and also that it's an exclusive Telstra arrangement. Even though technically this is still a rumour, if you are thinking of picking up a new Hiptop in the next month or so, we'd suggest you hold off just a little bit longer for the chance to get the most recent model...

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