Help Us Gizmo-Grow To Win A 42-Inch LG LCD TV!

Help Us Gizmo-Grow To Win A 42-Inch LG LCD TV!

LG TV Boxed.jpgWe’ve been teasing this competition for a few weeks now, and now it’s finally here. One of you will soon become the owner of this 42-inch 1080p LCD from LG. We put the TV through its paces, and while it’s not quite pantsworthy, it’s certainly worthy of your eyeballs attention, especially when you’re watching HD content.

But anyway, back to the competition. “How do I win this TV”, I hear multitudes of you asking. Well, begging will get you nowhere. Either will drinking beer. No, to become the proud owner of this TV (and I should emphasise, this is the very same unit that we reviewed), you’re going to have to work for it. And when we say work, we really mean it…

Beat the Drumlogo

Consider it viral marketing on steroids. The only difference is that you guys will be doing the work for us – partially because we’re lazy, partially because we really want to separate the true Gizmodians from the phonies while we’re giving away this TV.

Of course, there are rules. Nothing illegal being the biggest one. Don’t go and tag Parliament House with a Gizmodo logo – that reflects poorly on everyone (even if it does make politics much more interesting). Your entry needs to include either the full Gizmodo logo or the Gizmodo ‘G’. To help, you can download a high-res version of our logo logotype_gizmodo_2.psd. There’ll also be a judging panel from our parent company, Allure Media, for this comp, so no begging me for favours, okay? And don’t think that bigger is always better (although sometimes it is) – we’ll be judging on creativity, exposure and entertainment value.

Entries close at 5pm, November 21 and judging will take place at 9am the following Monday, which will give the winner one awesome early Christmas present. We also encourage multimedia entries as your submissions – photos, videos, songs – we take it all (except viruses).

To enter, send your submission (or a link to your submission in the case of videos) to As entries come rolling in, we’ll post a few of the better ones to try and inspire you to bigger and better things, so don’t wait around to enter either.

Best of luck. We’re looking forward to the results. UPDATE: Here’s View image in.JPG format, for those of you without Photoshop.

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