Guitar Hero: World Tour Gets Deluxe $US240 Version, Rips You Off

If you're looking to pick up Guitar Hero: World Tour when it comes out on October 26th, you'll have a choice between the wussy regular edition and the awesome deluxe edition. While yes, we may be headed for an economic depression, you'll still want to spend the extra $US50 on the deluxe edition. It comes with a keychain!

It also comes with two t-shirts! And a couple recharge kits! And a gig bag! And nothing else! That's right, $US50 for a bunch of crap you'll never use. All for $US240, more than the cheapest version of the console it's meant to be played on.

Seriously RedOctane, I know that deluxe editions are all the rage these days, but you can't really think your customers are so stupid as to drop $US50 on a couple of shirts and a keychain, can you? [RedOctane via Kotaku]

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