Google Takes Down Applications from Marketplace, World Gets Weird Deja Vu

This one is strange: Nobody knows exactly why, but Google has taken down most of the more than fifty applications that were supposed to be in the Android Marketplace. Although I'm getting an Apple deja vu here, nobody knows yet why this is happening, although there's plenty of speculation. Explanations range from "trying to save bandwidth" (very unlikely) to "last minute quality check" (weird). As far as I'm concerned, it may have been the little green men, but the fact is that there are only 13 apps up there right now:

• Plusmo College Football Live
• Myspace Mobile
• imeem for Android
• Plusmo Pro Football Live
• BlueBrush
• Maverick
• MyCloset
• Cab4ME Light
• e-ventr
• TuneWiki
• The Weather Channel
• BreadCrumbz
• Buzzd

[Android Community]

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