Goodbye, Productivity: MTV Music Site Posts Every Music Video Ever

I hope you've got some time to kill, because the new MTV Music website is pretty much the coolest thing ever for music fans. At long last, the MTV name is being associated with music videos again, because the "music" channel has gone and put its entire archive of music videos online, all embeddable and in high quality. It's like Hulu for music videos, only with less ads (for now). And it's awesome.

The site's still very young, but just poking around shows the amazing amount of content on there. There aren't just music videos on here, but also songs played on shows like VH1 Storytellers and MTV Unplugged. Just check out above, where I've embedded Nirvana playing The Man Who Sold the World from their unplugged set. As of this writing, it's been played 8 times.

Before this just degenerates into me embedding my favourite music videos, I'll just leave you with this video for Wanderlust by Bjork and then let you go explore for yourself. Just from my surface exploration, it includes pretty much everything, from old acts to new, major label acts to indies. Go, go now! [MTV Music]

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