Gmail Offers Canned Responses for the Lazy Emailer in All of Us

Gmail has just added a new Labs feature that you can turn on if, like me, you're very lazy: Canned Responses. Find yourself always typing the same message in emails, over and over again? You know, like "Dear Mum, Please send money, I'm still looking for a job, I promise" or "Can't hang out tonight, playing video games and feeling sorry for myself" or something like that. Well, now you can write those once, save them as canned responses, and easily pop them into any message you're writing.

To turn on canned responses, go to the Labs section of your Gmail settings and set it to "enabled." Then you'll see a Canned Responses link under your subject link when you're writing an email. You can save text as different responses and then dump it into any message you're writing with the pull-down menu. I've already set up a few! You can also set up a filter to automatically respond to emails from certain people or with certain subjects with a canned response, which could come in handy.

Here's to being lazy and less personal with our emails, am I right guys? [Gmail Blog]

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