Glittery 1.5 Million Square Metres Dubai Terminal 3 Is Largest In the World

At just under 1.5 million square metres, Dubai's International Airport Terminal 3 has not only became the shiniest airport terminal ever, but it's also the largest in the world, beating the 984,000 of the previous record holder, the firebreathing Olympic terminal 3 at Beijing International Airport.

Aesthetically, I still like Beijing's terminal more than Dubai's, but with 82 moving walkways, 97 escalators, eight skytrains, 82 moving, 157 lifts, and designed to easily handle the Airbus A380 and probably aircraft-sized UFOs, I've to admit it looks mighty impressive.

No slaves were harmed in the making of this gigantic building. OK, maybe a few were injured here and there. More images at [Explorer]

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