Giant Wall Shadow Boxing Game Looks Insanely, Humiliatingly Fun

You know that anger management technique where you punch a pillow? Imagine if instead of a pillow, you were punching shadows of a giant mattress on the wall... and instead of just punching, you were elbowing, kicking and headbutting as well. Now imagine that those shadows belong to your friends (or coworkers) and you get extra points the harder you hit them. You'll have Remote Impact - the silliest, funnest looking interactive fitness game I've ever seen in my life.

Remote Impact: Shadow Boxing Over a Distance registers how much brute force is behind every punch, making it a lot like a full body version of the first Street Fighter game (remember that one?). According to the developers, the game is a great way to socially bond and team build. Hmm. As hilarious and awesome as this looks (and really, it's worth clicking through to the video), I'm not sure if I'll feel closer to Judy in Accounting now that I know she likes to aim for the nuts. [Exertion Interfaces - Thanks Ariel!]

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