Get Your Very Own US Address For Online Shopping With Bongo International

Get Your Very Own US Address For Online Shopping With Bongo International

bongo.pngWe’ve bitched and moaned a lot about the “Australian Tax” that gadgets get placed on them when they’re released in Australia. Everything from the PS3 to anything from Apple – they all get marked up when they hit Australian shops. In many cases, it would be cheaper to buy online from an overseas store, but then you’re hit with astronomical shipping fees, or you need a US address to finalise the purchase…

Enter Bongo International. Their job, as they eloquently put it on their website, is to: “take in the goods, store them, repackage them when our customers advise us, and handle any custom related issues that may arise”. Which means you can not only get stuff you normally wouldn’t be able to get delivered to your door, but also have multiple deliveries consolidated into one package, saving on shipping costs.

There are two pricing options: Single use (which costs $5) or a subscription service for regular shoppers, which costs $15 a month. There are bigger savings on shipping with the subscription service (makes sense) and you need to subscribe to get that package consolidation service.

We haven’t used the service yet, but considering we’re not likely to see Rock Band 2 in Australia until they release Rock Band 3 overseas, I’m thinking that could be a pretty good test case. But what about you guys? Have any of you used Bongo, or would you?

If you’ve ever bought something online from the US you may be aware of the significantly lower prices they generally pay for consumer goods and the vast variety they often have to choose from.

However, making an overseas purchase online can be frustrating because many US based retailers refuse to accept Australian credit cards or ship internationally. A new service has launched in Australia, Bongo International (, that lets bargain savvy consumers take advantage of the massive volume of the US consumer market and buy nearly anything online from top home brands to computers; baby goods to major fashion labels.

Australians can now shop any US retail website hassle-free and access a whole new world of fashion, beauty, technology, home and sports brands previously unavailable to Australians because of the complexities of international shipping documentations and overseas credit card purchases.

Bongo helps consumers navigate the red tape by giving them their very own American address where they can send their purchases and drastically reduce shipping costs on multiple purchases by consolidating them into one package. Traditionally, shipping a single item from the US can cost as much as the item itself, but through Bongo consumers can now save as much as 82% off standard carrier rates.

Bongo lets consumers access a whole new world of shopping. With a few clicks of the mouse you can shop the streets of New York, LA and Miami for the best bargains and unique or hard to find items you never even knew existed.

If the retailer doesn’t accept an Australian credit card you can use Bongo’s Personal Shopping Service to make the purchase on your behalf, ensuring an easy and safe transaction.

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