Fujitsu’s L-Series Finally Brings Pink To Laptops. Finally.

Fujitsu’s L-Series Finally Brings Pink To Laptops. Finally.

Fujitsu-L1010_pinks.jpgThose crazy kids and their lust for colour. Back in my day, laptops were black. Or silver. Or white. Or something relatively neutral, so as not to upset the boss’s delicate nature. You got your Individuality across by sticking a Dilbert comic on your screen as your wallpaper.

But the kids today – these Gen-Y’ers… All they care about is looking good. And standing out from the crowd. And pink, or some other crazy colour…

Oh, and another thing – pink isn’t just for girls now. Young, sane, heterosexual males are actually using pink. When will the madness end?

Certainly not with the L-series from Fujitsu, that’s for sure. They’re embracing the madness, releasing affordable laptops in a range of colours like pink and purple. Sure, they stick black in there for us old-school consumers, but it’s the four other colours that get most of the attention: White and Pink Gold, Turqoise Blue, Pink and Purple.

Intel Core2Duo processors, built-in webcam and microphone, fingerprint scanner, 14.1inch LCD screen, HDMI output… it’s a feature set that looks as good as it sounds. Just so long as you don’t get a pink one.


Sydney, Australia – October 14, 2008 — Fujitsu PC Australia proudly introduces the Fujitsu L1010, the first notebook of its latest L Series targeted at today’s tech-savvy, discerning young adults who know exactly what they want with computing solutions. The L in this series represents life with style, demonstrating that Fujitsu understands how students and young working executives are less likely to respond to traditional conformist pressures and will instead gravitate towards laptops that reflect their personal style. Apart from being a winner in the looks department, this versatile notebook promises to meet the technological needs of a whole generation even as it caters to individual mindsets of the progressive.

Mr. Ivan Chan, Country Director, Fujitsu PC Australia says, “We take pride in understanding what our customers want. With the Fujitsu L1010, Generation Y-ers can now express themselves freely with the 5 exciting colours available. In addition, Fujitsu has thoughtfully designed special colour schemes and combinations for the L1010, as well as offer special wallpaper designs to uniquely meet the desires of today’s mobile youth by being external expressions of their individual personalities. It’s all about fashion that fits you.”

Being somebody who defies the norm and doesn’t fit into predictable parameters, young adults are their own person. So how does someone who is usually upbeat and savvy but sometimes contradictory and capricious pick a notebook? Simple, get one that beats to your own drum; get the Fujitsu L1010. With a range of colours and a fashionably glossy design, the next generation will be certain to find one that will sit well with their individual tastes and be that notebook you’re perfectly at home with. Take the lovely white-pink gold model for example; this exquisite marriage of simple and elegant colours – a pink gold base and battery tastefully complementing its white keyboard – exemplifies how contradictory natures not unlike your own can strikingly co-exist for greater overall effect. Take your pick and express yourself boldly – the L1010 is available in a unique combination of White and Pink Gold, Black, Turqoise Blue, Pink and Purple!

As pleasing as it is on its own, the Fujitsu L1010 can easily add to the sartorial ensemble as a fashion accessory to match their personal sense of style. All the same, since the L1010’s polished shine is an outward reflection of personality that comes with technological substance. To that end, Fujitsu has ensured that this pretty product packs processing punch to meet everyday computing needs with the latest Intel® Centrino® 2 processor Technology with Intel® Core™2 Duo processor, Intel® PM45/GM45 Express Chipset as well as an Intel® WiFi Link 5300AGN (3×3) network connection for optimum connectivity.

Adding character to its design, the Fujitsu L1010 has a unique hinge design such that no obvious hinge joints are revealed when its cover is closed. And, it also deserves extra ergonomic-friendly points for helping to make life simple. This laptop has rounded edges on the sides for a better grip – making it comfortable to hold and carry around. What’s more, there’s a conveniently-located panel of illuminated sensitive-touch buttons to easily call up applications by merely pressing the sensor button slightly.

In recognition of Gen Y-ers’ desire to be constantly connected, the Fujitsu L1010 comes with a quick launch camera button to let you stay in touch with its built-in 1.3 Mega Pixel camera and Built-in microphone as you Skype or MSN your time away during boring slots between lectures. The L1010 also features seamless speakers ever so important for the sounds of today’s generation.

With colour schemes and combinations inspired by the sights and sounds around us, the Fujitsu L1010 is a window into the owner’s soul and tells you as much about the person. Of course, peering into someone else’s life story, you’ll be glancing at the Fujitsu L1010’s SuperFine quality 14.1″ WXGA LCD widescreen (1280 x 800 pixels) to offer optimal brightness and outstanding picture clarity for even better movie enjoyment.
Despite wanting to express individuality, Gen Y-ers want some common ground especially technically, so the Fujitsu L1010 comes with all the trimmings to indulge your passion for gaming, Internet surfing, etc.

Speaking of gaming, the Fujitsu L1010 is specially designed to pander to this generation’s fondness for gaming. Equipped with a NVIDIA GeForce 9300M GS, 256MB VRAM, and a 14.1″ LCD wide screen for superior quality, gamers can expect a perfect gaming experience without any motion lag. Besides hitting high scores in their games, Gen Y-ers can also score equally high on the cool factor as this fine-looking laptop makes any user look like a poised gaming guru.

For those who prefer to game on a comparatively bigger screen, the Fujitsu L1010’s HDMI output facility allows transmission of High Definition videos to an HDMI equipped TV. In addition, the L1010 believes in saving the earth with its new ECO button to further conserve energy – it will bring you directly to the power saving utility for efficient power consumption and substantially extend battery life. Also, the LED Status Indicator is conveniently positioned such that it is visible whether the notebook is open or closed. And each time you switch on your notebook, the power button is beautifully illuminated to enhance your experience with this stylish companion!

For protecting those really private files, the Fujitsu L1010 provides safety measures for your data without having to memorise all those long passwords. Instead, everything will be available with a swipe of your pre-registered fingerprint on Fujitsu’s characteristic Fingerprint Sensor feature. This means you will have instant access to all personal encrypted data with one single touch, letting you say goodbye to your long log-in, Internet Banking and email passwords. And for added security, the L1010 comes with a BIOS Lock, Hard Disk Lock and an Anti-Theft Lock Slot so you can be sure your confidential data remains private.

Fujitsu remains firmly committed to the promotion of a cleaner environment and complies with the European Union’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances directive (RoHS) across its entire range of products. In addition, Fujitsu has established a set of commitments that goes beyond RoHS requirements, thus allowing it to stay keenly focused on its customers’ health and well-being as well as to embrace a healthier environment for all. By adopting a green factory concept and being committed to the cause of energy-efficient computing, Fujitsu also fights to sustain the Earth as a sponsor and a member of the Climate Savers Computing Initiative.

Product Summary
Vendor: Fujitsu PC Australia
Model: LifeBook L1010
Recommended Retail Price: from A$1349
Customer Care Hotline: 1800 288 283
Warranty: 2 year National Wide Pick Up and Return warranty. Parts and labour inclusive.
Distributors: Bluechip Infotech and Multimedia Technology