Ford MyKey System to Ruin Driving by Beeping Incessantly, Controlling the Volume of the Stereo

Parents! Are you looking for a way to make sure your teenagers are safe while they drive? Also, are annoyed while they drive? Well Ford has your back. Its new MyKey system is sure to make driving an infuriatingly annoying ordeal.

When enabled, MyKey can cap the top speed of the car to 130kph. That's not too bad, really. But it can also chime whenever the car reaches 70kph, 90kph and 105kph, apparently to "alert young drivers about their acceleration." Oh-kay.

It can also limit the volume on the car stereo, which would piss me off to no end, and chime every five minutes when the seat belts aren't buckled. Lastly, it'll chime when the car is 120km from empty.

Essentially, it will beep at you all the time and keep you from listening to music loudly. Just the idea of driving down a road at about 90kph, dipping below and above that speed frequently, hearing a beep every time I do, is enough to bring me to the brink of road rage.

Look for MyKey on the 2010 Ford Focus and later on other Ford, Lincoln and Mercury models. [Ford via CNET]

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