Fanatec RennSport Wheel Stand Hangs On Tight While You Drive Like a Maniac

Racing wheels have come a long way, featuring excellent accuracy and realistic force feedback. But they're still quite awkward, requiring a properly positioned table or precarious lap placement. The RennSport Wheel Stand by Fanatec solves these positioning problems, holding the wheel, pedals and even stick shift in the perfect, adjustable spot for each player.

Constructed solidly out of aluminium and steel, turn as hard as you want, but the RennSport doesn't look to be going anywhere soon. Meanwhile, users can adjust height and angle of the wheel, which is more than you can say for most real steering wheels.

The catch is, of course, the price. At US$130, this wheel holder costs as much as many nice wheels themselves. But then again, the RennSport works with most major models and looks like the best thing for racing simulation since this little number. So you could do much worse. [BusinessWire via Digital Trends]

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