Ecobee Smart Thermostat Can Adjust Home Temps Online

Winter is just around the corner and, with gas prices still unstable, it's now even more important to monitor your thermostat. That's tough and annoying though, which is why gadgets like Ecobee are coming out on the market. Ecobee has an integrated programmable smart thermostat with a WiFi-enabled touchscreen that automatically sets your household to conserve energy at the press of a button.

The smart thermostat lets you change your home heating and cooling preferences either through the panel or online. The online part is especially interesting—if you've run out the door and suddenly realise you've forgotten to turn the heat off, just log onto their website and change your settings there. Ecobee is available for pre-order, with a delivery ETA of early 2009. Oof, hope we actually get this thing before the winter engulfs us! [Ecobee via Josh Spear]

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