EasyBloom Makes Gardening Plug-and-Play Compatible

The EasyBloom is a sort of hybrid between a USB stick and a flower. You put the EasyBloom in the ground wherever you'd like to track light, temperature, humidity and soil moisture patterns over 24 hours. Once said time has passed, you pull the EasyBloom from the ground, wipe it off (our tip, not theirs) and stick it in your computer.

The data then syncs with EasyBloom's web database, where it digs through 5,000 different plant species to either find plants that would do well in your conditions or diagnose why the plants you have aren't growing better.

Priced at $US60, the EasyBloom runs off AAAs, connects to PCs and Macs and is engineered for unlimited use. And if it works as well as it claims, it seems like a great buy for the heavy gardener who's looking to up their game. [EasyBloom]

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